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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lifestyles of the Idle Rich 

They allow $1700 to accumulate in drawers, then take the time to photograph said small fortune, and then blog about it. Nice for some :) I still pick up 5c pieces with a view to buying coffee. "Wow, only 59 more of these and I've got a flat white..."

I swear by my wallet with a zip up part for coins.

Took me half a year to find one with a zip up part in Korea but once it starts getting fairly full I know I better start spending them or else my wallet starts to make my pants fall down. In public.
Still blaming your wallet for that? Sounds like someone needs to admit they have a problem...
excessive. alcohol. consumption.

on the other hand, National losing another election is cause for a justified pants dropping.
Swear to god I did run around naked on the lawn (well apart from gumboots) when Labour won AGAIN muhahaha. I have the pictures to prove it... somewhere.

Oh look at that, I'm not wearing any pants.

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