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Monday, April 24, 2006

Handle the jandal 

Poor Sione.

The cast and crew of Sione's Wedding are outraged by the pirated DVD version of their movie which has been seen (according to them) by half of South Auckland.
The cast of hit new Kiwi comedy Sione's Wedding are gutted that half of south Auckland has already seen a pirated DVD made from a stolen copy of the film.

Anyone else see irony in a bunch of actors making a living off humorous Samoan-stereotypes and then spitting the dummy when South Aucklanders behave the exact way they portray them?

Cheeky, cheap, and bending the rules.

In fact it's so bad Producer John Barnett told the media that a "sequel to Sione's Wedding was now in doubt".
"What's the point if people rip it off? A lot of people say `it's not a crime, I just watched it'. But they're all complicit."

Schucks, according to the box office you guys are had the top grossing opening weekend of any Kiwi movie ever.

It even says that on your own website -- just click on 'about the film'.

They always come up with these random figures of how much its cost them but it's all bullshit. How many of those who watched pirated versions did so because they can't afford the 15 bucks an adult has to pay for 90 odd minutes of entertainment. Movie ticket prices in NZ are a disgrace. Some movies that come out should have to pay the audience they are that shit.

I'm tossing up whether to go on wednesday using a 2 for 1 supermarket voucher.

But maybe I'll just look out for the 'dvd'.
One other thing.

In Korea at the electronics markets EVERY SINGLE NEW MOVIE is in dvd format on the streets before it's even come out at the theatres.

Y'know what? nobody gives a shit.

Because if people want to go see it then they will go see it. The people who pick up the dvd for 15 bucks are a different market.

ie. the non-movie goer

and if they have to pay 40 bucks for the dvd...

the non dvd buyer.
You guys are idiots. "Im not a murderer because I didnt really want to kill Lil Timmy it was an accident" type arguments are weak.

The people watching pirate movies are criminals. Whats bullshit are the 'woe is me i cant afford 15 bux to go to the movies but Ill gladly buy cigs'. pffft morons.

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