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Friday, August 10, 2007

Round 22 (alas, poor Titans, we hardly knew thee) 

Sea Eagles v Knights - Sportsfreak is right to ask why this perverse mismatch justifies prime time. Sea Eagles by 30+.

Tigers v Roosters - very hard to pick this one, but I'll go with Tigers.

Warriors v Titans - Unfortunately I will not be in attendance due to a prior commitment with Ms_Red - but home fans don't let my absence put you off. The game might be a bit closer than you would like, but a win's a win. Warriors.

Dragons v Rabbitohs - Another one of these dire NSW matchups. Dragons I guess.

Eels v Sharks - A more interesting contest, hard to see the home team losing. Eels.

Bulldogs v Raiders - The Dogs should win this one.

Storm v Broncos - Could be the game of the round if the young Broncos can fire up in Melbourne in front of the 5000 fans the likely minor premiers seem to have. But it's hard to see the Broncs winning there. Storm.

Panthers v Cowboys - I like the Cowboys, always have. This one's hard to pick. My mind says Panthers at home. My heart says Cowboys. Cowboys (can't take the safe option of the home team for every game!).

Last week's picks: DC_Red (3.5/8); Yamis (5.5/8 - but that included picking the Eels after they had won - I'll give you the Dragons for free though).

And for those who are missing Bennyasena's input to this blog, I can offer the following report:
My blogging has been destroyed by webmarshal - can't even get to, nor any anonymiser websites to get around it.

And they've blocked nrl website so I can't do my tips.

By the time I finish work it's time to go out.

Sad, but there's still the weekend eh?

And there's 79 pages of comments, many of them highly moronic, on the Herald website, about the Paul Buchanan affair. Follow the first link at your own peril.


Shouldn’t Warriors fans be turning on the Cowboys round about now?

You can’t take the seriously anyway, with the name of their home ground.

Leg Break
dc_red, that home groud advantage for the Tigers might not be all its cracked up to be, given they are playing it as the Roosters home ground as well (Telstra Stadium).

They only play about 1 game at Leichardt a season and a handful at Campbelltown.

right, off to blow my nose for the 100th time this morning.
Thanks for the info Yamis, I've changed the text.

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