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Sunday, July 08, 2007

How to smoke on a plane ... and get away with it 

Well, some bugger just did it on my flight to Singapore. In the toilets close to where I was sitting too. And repeatedly (4-5 occasions I'd estimate). The smoker displayed a fair amount of cunning, and I never worked out who it was, other than narrowing it down to a few guys.

The trick, as far as I can ascertain, is to go in to the toilet, do your business, and then light your smoke and take 1, perhaps 2, drags, before extinguishing it, putting it away, opening the door and returning to your seat at haste. By the time the smoke wafts out to the nearby passengers and/or crew, you're long gone ... possibly sitting in your seat with a smug, nicotine-aided smile.

I was surprised that none of the Singapore Girls seemed too alarmed by it all, despite them commenting on the smoke at least 3 or 4 times. Perhaps they've seen it all before? In the movies (admittedly, the American ones) the plane is always stormed by the FBI or something when someone lights up on board.

Close but no cigar for the Warriors I see (courtesy of the free internet here in Changi International).

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Thanks for the tip DC; I'll try that out on my next domestic Air NZ flight.

Leg Break
I gather the trick is to raise the plug in the basin, then turn it clockwise on its little stem. It stays up, and there is a vacuum effect down the plughole to take the smoke away.

I tried it -- without the smoking part -- and it does work.
So, Russell, what smell were you trying to get rid of? ;)
Farting and smoking (cigarettes) are very closley linked in a scientific way.

Shall I leave it there?


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