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Saturday, September 30, 2006


Check out . It's a NZ sports webiste with coverage of pretty much anything. Also has a forum going where I post as westie stylz which compared to certain other sports forums that shall remain nameless is fairly friendly/intelligent.

Cheers Yamis,

We've just had an upgrade, reskin thie evening too, dragging it into 2006, as well as adding some new features, sports news tickers, links directory, and the ability to search for related columns etc.

This site is nominated as a "Friend of the Freak" too; let us know if you disapprove of the description!

I noticed the upgrade. Haven't had time to explore but will do.

Fuck I can't stand panda sport. PTb and co ruin it with the nastiness. You cannot have a civil conversation with some of them because they are simply out to mentally wank over people. i seriously wonder what some of them are like face to face.

probably lovely haha.
Sportsfreak looks good all dressed up in it's new clothes. The prediction comp has started so I will win lots of goodies. I think you have to be a member to win. I am a member, if not then I am a tool. I agree with Yamis, PTB and Big Bruv are wankers.
cheers Battler
middle class battler to you.

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