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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hypothesi ? 

Spurred on by this stupid "blog" from the Sydney Morning Herald regarding a hypothetical situation where all the NRL teams from this year who lost by 6 points or less had their results reversed what would the ladder look like...? I have come up with a less stupid post on what the table would look like if they ditched the dumb arse golden point rule and simply gave the teams a point each, called it a draw and went out on the piss together to beat the shit out of women.

Here it is:
39 Melbourne
33 Bulldogs
28 Womanly
27 Dragons
26 Eels
26 Broncos
26 Andrew Johns
23 Panties
23 Cowboys
22 Sharks
22 Raiders
22 Tigers
21 Warriors
20 Roosters
10 Rabbitohs

So we would have had SEVEN teams basically shooting it out for the 8th playoff spot in the final three weeks.

It would have been brutal as three wins from any of those teams would give them a strong chance of making it whereas a loss would signal the deathknell for them.

At the moment the Warriors still have a mathematical chance of making it if they win their last three and the Broncos lose to the Bulldogs and Eels in the next two weeks (along with neither the Sharks nor Panthers winning 3 from 3). But take golden point out of the equation and they would almost certainly make it with three wins. And factor in the -4 points they started on at the beginning of the season and they would be sitting in 8th place with a two point buffer and huge positive point differential over the 9th placed team, therefore possibly only needing a solitary win from their last three matches to seal a playoff spot.

Damn you science and your bloody hypothesis? sies? ses?


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