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Friday, August 18, 2006

Oh for fucks sakes 

This sort of reporting gives me the shitting shits.

According to the herald online:
"Riot fear forces police to shut down school function
UPDATED 2.55pm Friday August 18, 2006
A school function was closed down by police last night after fears that a riot would break out.

At least 20 police officers broke up the incident after a "mob" of students turned up without tickets at the talent quest at Lynfield College, west Auckland.

The group became disorderly when they were not allowed to attend, police communications manager Leanne Frisbie said.

There were 10 police cars at the school and the police helicopter Eagle hovered overhead.

"Police were called to the school to disperse the crowd, of at least 400 people after the school's Board of Trustees decided to close the function down as the crowd was becoming unmanageable and fights were breaking out," Ms Frisbie said."
But according to"
400 Intruders try to gatecrash talent quest
18 August 2006

A high school talent quest in Auckland ended in ugly fights last night when 400 people without tickets demanded entry.

Police said when they were not admitted to the talent quest at Lynfield College they became almost riotous and police were called.

Patrons inside the function came out when it was over to be greeted by about 20 police and 10 police cars as the police helicopter Eagle hovered overhead.
In other words, there were probably a few car loads of shitheads who turned up. Whereas in's eyes there were 400 uninvited hooligans who had to be brought under control by 20 police officers.

Yeah right you DICKHEADS!!! Can you you imagine the carnage if 20 officers tried to tell 400 young people to piss off?

Conclusion: there were 400 people WITH TICKETS who had to leave because a few people turned up and ruined their night.

Get your reporting right you fucking moronic fuckheads.

And what do you know. On the radio this morning they had police quotes and it was 300 inside the hall and a dozen (READ: TWELVE) teenagers who turned up in cars and were trying to get at ONE person in the hall.

What a shocker the MSM is having this week.

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