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Monday, August 14, 2006


Which is the name Pak-n-Save should have used instead of "Pak-N-Save Fuel", but nonetheless I went there yesterday to fill up (literally ... I had only 2.5 litres in the tank) and even with my 6c/l discount, which saved me $2.50, I spent $71! $71 for crying out loud. Wasn't the war in Iraq supposed to deliver us cheap oil? Or maybe not, I forget the real reasons.

More seriosuly, why is there nothing resembling a "petrol protest" movement here? When it takes $71 to fill a small 1.6 litre Japanese import with the performance capabilities of an early-1980s Skoda, that's gotta hurt! We know that a large proportion of the price is within government's control (by virtue of taxes) ... so why no mass protest movement?

Even apparently mild agitation (labelled "voter fury" in the SMH) over this in Australia has led Johnny-Boy to offer $2000(!) for conversions from petrol to LPG. Sounds positively Muldoon-esque (though I don't remember him offering actually to pay for people's conversions!!).

Hurry up HYDROGEN!!!!!!!!

Lets bury these oil companies once and for all.

Although given the money they will now stand to lose there will be scientists 'disappearing' in their droves for decades ??
Mobil has lowered its prices 5c/l I see (to 171.9), no doubt to fend off the imminent hydrogen threat. Yeah right. I'm surprised the Ozis are talking up LPG, in the sense that it's completely disappeared off the radar here, despite some prominence in the early 80s. Remember CNG too?
77.85 to fill my tank and that was at $1.669

a record for me little car.

still a saving of $2.79 at pac 'n' save petrol or whatever the fupp it's called.

If you do fill up there twice a month then it's about 60 or 70 dollars worth of savings.

I'm thinking about getting sky digital would you believe it? After all my gripeing about money. Got called tonight. They are doing an offer of half price installation (50 bucks) and the first two months free. thereafter it would be 62 dollars a month for the package we want.

Might see how it goes for a year and then ditch it if it's too much of a strain. But I'm set for a pay increase of about 2,500 after tax mid next year so might be able to stretch it.
I should add that we go to my parents most weekends to watch the test matches or whatever is on and probably spend 20 bucks a month doing that in petrol... mind you I do drink all dads beer and eat all their food for nothing......
Hey big spender - SKY will work out around $700/year. So if you watch 700 hours in a year (or around 2 hours a day) your entertainment is running at only $1/hour.

Of course the other issue is whether the Mrs will let you spend that long on the couch, or would rather you were:

(a) mowing the lawns

(b) painting the fence

(c) giving her complements

(d) you get the idea

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