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Saturday, August 12, 2006

OK Then 

I think I've found out who the former Warriors and Kiwis league player is and I'm unpleasantly surprised.

Not the first person that sprang to mind. It's kind of one of those who you think "shit, if he could do it then bloody anybody could". If that makes any sense.

Can only hope that it is bullshit but the majority of the time there is substance to these accusations.

Hint of the day: Go way back in Warrior history.

If you know how old he is then you can start clicking on player names here to find the magic number.

A quiet word of advice .. given the laws of suppression and contempt of court .... don't even be seen to be steering people in the direction of the person's identity.

If they get it right, you're in contempt. If they get it wrong, some other poor bastard gets fingered for something he hasn't done.
he's been named in the aussie rags.

I realise that it's a different country but stiff biscuits.

If people know the guys age then they can work it out for themselves. If they don't know his age then they can't work it out.

And if they come after me then I'll steer them in the direction of xtra who divulged the information in the first place. Surely they will be in the shit. Their audience being slightly larger than mine or the otehr forums which have posted a lot more 'details' than I have.
i am intersted in catching up on the news in the "aussie rags" any that you can recommend? thanks
Nice try anon, but I think your search skills are probably up to the task.
I've come across forums where people are giving part of their name and where the clues are in their signatures etc.

Won't be long until he is either named or given permanent name suppression for obvious reasons.

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