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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Next Year 

Oh well, guess this topic is well and truly of this seasons menu.
League Star's Name Kept Under Wraps
Former Warrior Arrested On Sex Charges
The Auckland league star accused of sex offences has had his name suppression continued until he goes to trial next year.

The former Warriors and Kiwis player faces three charges relating to an incident back in June.

At a hearing in the Auckland District Court on Tuesday to determine name suppression, several league personalities gave evidence in support of the accused.

Judge Michael Lance then agreed with defence submissions that publicising the man's name would jeopardise a significant number of third parties.

A trial date has yet to be set but the court's calendar is jammed until after next July.

Next July no less. By then even small infants who cannot even hold a rugby ball will know the name of the accussed.
well I'm in the dark - who is it?
Yeah, like we can just name them.

You'll have to hit other logical places to find more clues. I'm not going any further.

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