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Saturday, July 01, 2006

blah dee blah blah 

Soccer players really do have their heads buried up their arses...

We’re still standing tall. We outclassed them and we can go home with our heads held high.

Carlos TEVEZ (ARG)
Naturally I’m very angry - we’ve just been eliminated. The fact that we played well doesn’t make it feel any better either. They attacked twice and scored a goal but Argentina were the better side.

Gabriel HEINZE (ARG)
It hurts a lot to lose like that. We didn’t deserve it but we gave it all we had. I really don’t know why we lost.

We tried to play and represent the country as well as we could. I’ve got nothing to say because if you watch the game you’ll see that we were the better team. We showed we’re up there with the best teams in the world, and in my opinion there’s no such a thing as justice in football.

Leonardo FRANCO (ARG)
They kept their heads better than we did in the penalties. We missed out and there’s nothing we can do about it now. All the same, we have to keep things in proportion because they weren’t better than us.

Julio CRUZ (ARG)
Although we know we lost, Germany weren’t better than us. They just had more luck in the penalties, that’s all.

Much as I marvelled at the 6-0 win over Serbia and Montenegro the Argentinians can fuck off. Hopefully the Italians join them.

I picked Germany and Italy to win. lets see how I go from here.

Portugal over England 3-1 on penalties with Rooney sent off
France over a pathetic Brazil 1-0

Germany over Italy 1-1 on penalties
France over Portugal 2-0

Italy over Portugal 1-1 on penalties

Germany over France 2-1 in extra time


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