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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Further to what's beneath, I've always been cynical of Vettori's inability to ever take 4 or 5 wickets in a final innings when we have needed him to (even on turning pitches). We always hear complaints afterwards about how it was slow turn, or the footmarks weren't in the right place or whatever the fuck.

Anyway, Vettori's career stats are 71 tests and 219 wickets at 34.96 which is respectable but nothing flash.

But if you take out Bangladesh and Zimbabwe and simply look at countries who we actually want to beat his stats are:

60 tests, 6592 runs conceded, 170 wickets at a fairly crap 38.78

World class? I think not. Certainly not in tests.

One dayers however he has been bloody good because of his accuracy. Unfortunately his only potent delivery is the quicker date which drifts in towards off stump. Aside from that he's got fuck all.

We need somebody who bowls leggies or else a chucker since they are now legal it seems.


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