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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Target hardening 

DC_Red's patented roundup of the day's news:

The Guardian reports on what you can do with a discarded airline ticket stub: steal someone's identity, and then mess with their lives. The connection to the US air travel information requirements is a fraction tenuous, but at the very least this should make those people who persist in putting bank statements in with the recycling to reconsider. Most NZ homes have fire places ... use 'em to burn anything with your name on it.

Hard News picks up on the firing of NBR reported Jock Anderson, as blogged by BIR's bennyasena several days ago.

The miners are still stuck, Benji Marshall is still in doubt (insurance premiums? fuck off), and everyone loves Stephen Colbert.

Here's a good preview of the league test / war tonight.

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