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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Haven't done any cricket averages for ages and it will be ages till any more you can bank on that.

Some batsmens averages in the last 3 years.

Fleming 51.59 (28)
Oram 47.04 (17)
Vettori 39.86 (26)
Styris 37.61 (23)
Astle 37.58 (21)
McCullum 34.77 (22)

So basically Vettori is a better batsman these days than Styris, Astle and McCullum. And let's not even talk about Papps and How.

In fact in Vettori's last 24 tests he averages 42.00

And in his last 11 tests he is averaging 49.33.

I wonder what his ICC rating is as a batsman? The ratings site isn't working at the moment.

probably also worth noting that his strike rate in tests throughout his career is the second best in our team behind McCullum.


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