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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sorry stat, great result 

Finally a hammering of a side that isn't called South Sydney!!!

I just went back through the records and the Warriors haven't put more than 34 points on a side other than South Sydney since the finals in 2003. So basically about 55 matches.

We scored 34 v the Panthers a couple of years ago and have scored 34 or more about 4 times v the Rabbitohs but against decent opposition we just haven't carved in a long time. Especially disappointing considering a) that most sides rack up big scores quite regularly and b) we are supposedly some sort of dangerous attacking force.

A few years ago we decided to shore up our defence more and we do actually have one of the best defences in the competition, no doubt about it but it's come at the expense of our attack I feel.

Now what's in store for us next week away to the Sharks? Not an ideal game given their hot form at the moment combined with the fact that they have no origin players backing up. Still I think I'll just enjoy tonight.


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