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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Scrooge McCullen 

The one man who most obviously stands between Labour and ongoing electoral success is not Don Brash, nor John Key, nor Bill English (and certainly not Ben & Gerry Brownlee) but Michael Cullen. The key to any future success for National will be the promise of tax reform.

Labour in general, and Cullen in particular, need to realize that this actually presents an opportunity: they could implement tax cuts now, furthering Labour's general goals while also taking a great deal of the steam out of National's sails (National's not exactly a one-trick pony, but nor are they far off that).

Labour needs to realize that if they can either implement progressive tax cuts now, or wait for National to implement regressive ones in 2008, a la Costello's budget for the hard-up millionaire. I have a few ideas on potentially progressive tax cuts, but am willing to consider pretty much anything.


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