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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gee thanks slingshot 

Got a letter in the mail yesterday from slingshot. I assume it was hard on the heels of the unbundling 'announcement' in an effort to make sure customers don't start suddenly looking around for good deals.

Anyway the gist of it is that we will get more bang for our bucks for our current broadband deal we have with them. Yeah Right.

"From your next bill date you'll benefit from;
- The same great price...
- 5GB data allowance - that's 2GB more than the plan you're currently on.
- The same connection speed..."

So basically we can download a bit more, which may or may not be of use to us. The rest of it we will not be benefiting from because we were already getting it and paying a pretty penny for it as well. They always make out like we should be greatful that we are paying them so much money for sweet f-all. In Korea the internet is many times faster, can be connected in a day or two and never fucks out. All for roughly the same as we pay in NZ for a medium broadband deal.

Anyway, wow, thanks a million Slingshot.

Me thinks that they'll have to come up with more than that in the not too distant future.


In other news, a Korean 'friend' of ours told my wife that one of his Chinese english language class friends with pretty shonky english heard the tsunami report on the news the morning it was broadcast, didn't fully understand it and baled up One Tree Hill muhahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!


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