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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

OK, maybe you don't need to take a pill 

I sent Steve Davie an email pointing out that a lot of what he had picked on had come out of Durban. Personally I can't vouch for the rest as I've searched all the internet news sites I can find and can't find anything else that he may be referring to. I checked the Sunday Star Times site, the Herald, the tvnz site and Does anybody know of any I'm missing out on? He's a good bloke though all the same. Here's his email back to me:

Just had your email to Panda sent on to me.
Thanks for the feedback - always appreciated.

Haven't seen what was printed in the Herald. I wrote that
article late on Sunday night, having viewed several New
Zealand-based web sites which gave no reference to Reuters or
having originated in South Africa.

And it certainly wasn't a case of Auckland-bashing, rather a
crack at the headlines which were myopic in the extreme.
Hopefully the Herald, through Wynne Gray, would have been more

There is no doubt the two best performed NZ teams got through
while the Blues should have done better keeping in mind their
talent, the Hurricanes were at their erratic best (or worst),
and the Highlanders were simply awful.

Thanks again for your comments.

And I went back to the dentist today.

Another 183 dollars escaping from my wallet. I think I have to go two more times. Some weird shit got put in my mouth today. There was some electronic device that kept beeping away when it made contact with my genitals, WHOOPS! I mean teeth. You'd have thought I was in an American prison for Iraqis if that was the case.

So I'm sitting on 426 dollars down and counting. I'm not a betting man like Bennyasena is here but I sure wish I could put that money on the Broncos to beat the Knights this Friday night at Suncorp. I'd probably get a return of at least 7 dollars from the TAB.


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