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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Boy Racers 

There's a bit of publicity at the moment for boy racers (actually there is every other week) about cracking down on them for shitty driving behaviour. Now that's fair enough but as long as the police crack down on all shitty driving (and I've seen it from all and sundry, often middle aged men and beyond) then that should be good enough.

The death and injury rates from automobile accidents is way, way the fuck lower now than it was in the 1970s. People often say that's because of better roads and safer cars. But if that was the case (which it was), why didn't people show more common sense by driving to the conditions and to the ability of their car to cope? People now are quick to talk about a lack of common sense from todays yoof, but seem to forget the fucken dumb arse shithead driving from back in the day. I should ask my dad again about all his mates killed on motorcycles in the 60s and 70s or about the mate that was decapitated while hanging out the side of a car and a passing vehicle quite literally... did what you think might have happened. Or the vehicle that plowed into the back of him killing a young girl occupant in the rear vehicle a couple of decades ago.

Also the two worst cases of driving I have seen this year were by a man who looked in his late 50s who was literally driving within a couple of metres of my bumper up a winding rural road in wet drizzly conditions as the sun was going down. The cunt had the balls to abuse the shit out of me and pull the fingers as I pulled into the driveway. This is a road I have driven up and down a few thousand times so i'd like to think I know a normal speed to drive at on it.

The other shit hosue driving was from a middle aged male bus driver on a school trip with a bus full with teens who decided he would overtake the other bus on a double yellow line on the open road and with a car coming the other way which we forced off the road. Luckily the other vehicle had enough sealed road to cross on to.

Ban all men from driving I say. And Asians too. And women are banned from roundabouts and intersections and are not allowed to parallel park. And elderly people are hereby banned from all forms of travel, bus, car, train, mobility scooter, skateboard, you name it. Dig up the roads and turn them into cricket pitches.

But the big question I want answered is.... where in fucks name do these teenagers get the money to soup their cars up to the point where they would almost need a mortgage to pay for it? Surely they aren't working?! I mean all young people are drug addict bums, with no respect, no aims in life, no conscience, no common sense and no jobs, sitting at home smoking pot, drinking booze, playing PS2, mouthing off at their mums because they drove their parents to divorce, organising parties so they can fight, throw bottles at the police, terrorise the neighbourhood, tag fences, hoon round getting hospitalised, murdering people and wasting tax payers money. On a good weekend.

PS I see Russell Brown has done a fair better job than me.

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