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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

That's just not on! 

I refer to the dismissal of the Subway worker in Dunedin, and subsequent pressing of charges. By that standard I'm a felon for absent-mindedly taking the odd pen and paper clip home from work. (In fairness, some pens and paper clips migrate in the opposite direction).

So, I, dc_red, am joining the boycott of the buggers. And I used to eat there about twice a week. I encourage the rest of the BIR team to shun them too.

Hat-tip: Russell Brown.

Subway bloggers


Lol; apparently the cops have dropped charges. As a taxpayer I'm more than OK with that.

As a side-issue; as a regular contributer to a site that is technically not a blog, am I allowed to use that sign as an avatar???

(Genuine question)

Leggie - I guess you could use it, it seems to be in the public domain.

I'm figuring "Aucklander at Large" (linked above) made it.
Speaking of food. In tonight as a headline...

"Call for clam over Chch memorials"

That might get a bit messy. Good for the seafood industry though.

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