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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Idle New Zealand 

A couple of sad inditements on the state of the country:

As if New Zealand Idol isn't bad enough already - resembling as it does a second-rate high school talent quest - the DomPost reveals that contestants can have recent histories of violent offending, but can't be .... wait for it .... pregnant.

And in other news, incompetent fucking farmers can't or won't keep their fucking stock off the nation's highways, contributing to a number of deaths and 1% of all accidents in Waikato/BOP. Since the cops are so big on road safety, why not prosecute every farmer whose cow/horse/sheep/llama is found wandering on public roads, or unsecured in "the long paddock" along the sides. Show the fuckers no mercy I say - as someone who has come within about 2 metres of hitting a horse on the Bethells Road, and was saved only by unusual alertness on my part.


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