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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

From the Racial Ignorance Files 

Tonights episode of Without a Trace has a "Korean" family who own a deli. I know they are Korean because they are the Kim family with daughter Sun, along with Hye-Sung (all Korean names). Not to mention they have a Korean flag on the wall behind the counter. Or the investigator's reference to them BEING KOREAN.

Only problem is they are Chinese actors and were speaking to each other in Chinese *.

It's a bit like casting a French family to play some Russians only they stand round speaking French to each other with a bottle of vodka for a prop.

For fucks sakes, how hard is it to either a) find some Korean actors in the US or b) have Chinese actors playing Chinese roles.


* [OK, now it just gets dumber. My wife and I just realised that they were in fact speaking Korean. Or to put it more accurately were trying desperately to speak Korean. Their efforts were so bad that my wife, who is Korean, and I, took until 45 minutes into the programme to realise what was coming out of their mouths was Korean. But we are not alone. They even have the caption service confused at teletext as well. Whenever they speak Korean it pops up "[speaking Cantonese]". Fer fecks sakes]


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