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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where am I going, and why am I in a handbasket? 

Sorry to go all Darth George on y'all, but this country is facing some hard times right now. Lower middle class battlers everywhere are staggering under the weight of petrol price increases, house price increases, mortgage rate increases, and local authority rates increases, not least of all in Massey!

While some remain obsessed with which 73 players will represent the All Blacks this week, others point to things rapidly turning to shit in the less sulubrious suburbs.

And, like our old friend Darth, I need someone to blame: and that someone is Scrooge McFuckin Cullen -- Dr Low Wages, High Taxes. There's barely a pragmatic bone in this guy's body (the only exception I can think of is that his last budget finally allocated all petrol taxes to roading). The three year wait for a tax bracket adjustment being a case in point.

This guy is an albatross around the government's neck. Roll him now, put Phil Goff in the Finance Ministry, get moving on some tax relief for low-to-middle income earners, and stop criticizing us for our pathetic 3-4% pay increases when you're being granted 8%.

In honour of the Dishonourable Deputy Prime Minister, he is awarded the title "Tosser of our Times" (taking over from our hero, Darth).

DC: That is what you get with a left-wing government. Sorry couldn't resist.
Dinkas: maybe, although I think there's a strong left wing case for tax cuts for those on low-to-middling incomes; and for improving the situation around GST to reduce further the tax burden on the less fortunate. While my views might not represent mainstream left wing thought, Labour & friends have a choice: implement tax cuts their way (reasonably progressive), or wait for National to finally win office and implement them their way (reasonably regressive).

Or maybe I'm just selfish and grumpy, a la that journalist reprimanded by Scrooge.
Labour give me reasons not to vote for them once a week.

National give me reasons once a day.

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