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Saturday, July 29, 2006

The bloody haka 

For fucks sakes, ditch the cut throat gesture in the Kapa O'Pango haka.

I'm sick of it being the only thing talked about in the lead up and aftermath of the games. If we are still doing it in 5 years we will be having the same conversation. If we are still doing it in 50 years we will be having the same conversation.

And would the NZRU and AB management stop saying that the public needs to be educated about the haka.

Unless you plan on spending hundreds of millions of dollars on global advertising campaigns or employ thousands of teachers to travel the world, or have the guy leading the haka wear a T-shirt saying "this gesture that looks exactly like a cut to the throat is in fact about drawing energy into the lungs despite looking nothing like that" then we should shut the fuck up and either ditch that gesture or else have the motion of the hand and thumb go DOWNWARDS from the mouth to the lungs [prize for longest sentence of the day?].

Last time I looked I didn't breathe through one side of my neck and out the other.


Meanwhile there is a presidents grade rugby team in the North Harbour comp called the KKK Cowboys. How do you get away with that one?

It is stupid, and it is a distraction, which makes it even more stupid. I do wonder if the attention given to the fact reflects a poor standard of play on the field?

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