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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thankyou again meteorologists!!!! 

Thursday night the forecast is sunny friday, sunny saturday, sunny sunday without a lick of cloud in the sky.

Of course 24 hours later on friday night the forecast is rain saturday, rain sunday, rain monday and rain tuesday.

Where in fucks name did this precipitation come from and how come they didn't know that it would hit us a day later?

You'd think that in this day and age they would have aclue about how and why the weather may change direction.

Ah well. Off to watch Waitemata v University in the pissing rain like it was mean't to be watched.

And i see the NPC or whatever it's called pulled out a cracker clash last night between two of the better teams with it being described in seperate reports as:
When they wake this morning, both teams might think it was just a nightmare. It wasn't.

This game was not a case of a spluttering engine struggling for life. This was one where the key wouldn't fit the ignition.

Refunds should have been handed out at the exits. There were more than 40 turnovers. It was a shocker...

In this case, forget it. It was 80 minutes of dreadful, junk rugby.
...what... conspired at Westpac Stadium can only be described as 'ugly', with sloppy handling and poor execution marring the match.

Both sides struggled to hold on to the ball for any productive phases of play and were guilty of kicking away valuable possession,
I just love it when two teams drop the ball constantly and then kick it away when they do maintain it for more than one phase.

Waitemata 12 University 6

West Auckland represented well and truly. Had to be there to see quite what I mean.

They will play Ponsonby next week presumably at Eden park unless the crappy Auckland side are playing there.

Fuck, it better not be the curtainraiser. last time Waitemata made the final in 2003 there were 9,000 people there for that game which would be a damn sight more than are turning up to watch the domestic crap arse games.

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