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Saturday, May 27, 2006

A week of it 

It seems like it's been a bad week for rugby league players and the law.

Former Warrior Tevita Latu got banned for life after breaking the nose of a young Aussie beauty queen.

When I first heard that I though he'll never play again but the more I think about it it I can't help but agree with those who say the punishment is disproportional to that of Craig Gower's.

Early this year Gower recieved a $100,000 fine (most of it suspended) and was temporarily relieved by his Penrith club of his captaincy duties after groping (sexual assault) a young woman and threatening to break a bottle over her brother's head.

Then Nathan Cayless and Nathan Hindmarsh tore up a casino in Sydney, well Cayless anyway.
The NRL says it will take no action against Parramatta stars Nathan Cayless and Nathan Hindmarsh for an incident at Sydney's Star City Casino.
Cayless admitted to smashing a security camera at the casino earlier this month after being refused entry. The Eels skipper later apologised and paid for the damage.

Now, in an exclusive, we here at BIR can reveal Warriors player Cooper Vuna has been arrested this week for driving while forbidden.

If this was the mainstream media I would now go some critic who would mouth-off about how irresponsible he is....but that's just predictable.

I just can't help but think that professional footballers can surely afford cabs, no?

It doesn't seem like the Warriors have taken any disciplinary action against him and he's playing for the Tamaki Leopards today in Palmerston North.

Speaking of the mainstream media being predictable - when was the last time you read a story about the Tua Man that didn't involve going to his ex-trainer Kevin Barry and getting him to slag Tua off a little more?


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