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Monday, April 03, 2006


"Zero," Sione Faumuina proudly shouted at the end of yesterday's match against Newcastle.

Well buddy, that pass you threw when trapped in your own in-goal could've meant we were still on -2.

Here's what the NZ Herald had to say about THAT PASS:
Undoubtedly they took confidence from his [Johns] exit but they also produced confident plays themselves, none more so than when Sione Faumuina threw a loose pass in his own in-goal with three minutes remaining. Trapped by three tacklers, Faumuina chucked the ball out the back where Todd Byrne scooped it from the ground and got it back in to the field of play.

Still no harm done ey - nice judgement Sione!

Apparently a whole heap of Newcastle fans were trying to cancel their bets on the game after it was announced Andrew Johns was out of the match - not sure if they managed to though - haha suckers.

Speaking of suckers, I wonder how this guy is feeling?
$20,000 @ $1.85 ON NEWCASTLE (-15.5) V NZ WARRIORS

Next Sunday the Warriors have a chance to get off their two-win goose-egg when they play the Sea-Eagles at Ericcson.

The Sea-Eagles have won their last two games on the trot beating the Sharks and Roosters but they haven't had to win in front of a crowd of brown-faces yet ey Mick.

One little gripe about the NRL this year though is the absolutely shit new NRL website.

Not only is the site hard to navigate your way around but this season's NRL tipping competition is crap - most people I know have already pulled out.

Not only do you have to pay $30 for the privilege of being able to watch how your mates went over the weekend, errr that's the whole point, they also removed the 12-and-under 13+ margins for all their games which takes the skill out of tipping.

This season in the tipping comp you pick head-to-head six of the seven and in the seventh game you can try and guess the exact score...GAY.

I can't even find a fucking competition table anywhere on their site - come on.

In other news check out the extent of the damage done to the car PM Helen Clark's ministerial motorcade ploughed into.

The injuries sustained by the driver have required 11 chiropractic sessions.

" took a panelbeater 40 hours to fix her car."

40 hours!
Hhey, as her chiropractor and panel beater I can tell you there was a lot of work required here.

You might say "that damage barely constitutes a minor fender-bender" but here at Dirty Pete's Auto-Shop and Back Repair we recognize a serious injury when we see one.
Welcome to Aucklamerica.

To Russell Brown
Go the Warriors!!!!!

Probably be at ice hockey this sunday though instead of what should be a good win over the Sea eagles at Ericsson.

This side has the potential to get on a little bit of a roll but it's still 50/50.

Their ball security was outstanding v the Knights. And I'm glad I wasn't watching the game with my old man because when Faumuina threw that pass he must have said something like "you stupid fucking cunt, that's just,...eergh eaargh for fucks sakes, this is the bullshit that I've been talking about..."

I was just thinking that, when he threw the pass not actually saying it.

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