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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

National in "we're actually still right wing" shock 

Sure, there's more heat than light in the media analysis of the "shocking" revelations that National is still actually a right wing party, and - as in 1990 - are willing to promise a "Decent Society" while secretly-planning vicious neoliberal assaults on the fabric of the country - but it is nice to see the media change tack after countless months of bashing Labour at every opportunity.

A nice breather, really, although I still don't need Duncan Garner and his ilk to tell me who today's winners and losers are.

I already knew Lockwood Smith was a right wing arsehole, for example.

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If there's one arsehole National need to keep off the TV screens it's Lockwood Smith. Anyone who remembers the 90s will remember his bold-faced lies. He must stir up some awkward feelings in those who hate Labour now almost as much as they hated National in the Hikoi of Hope days.
Shouldn't they be more concerned about keeping Tony Vyall off the TV screens?

Glad to see you're still alive DC

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