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Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Wife Has 547 Unread Emails 

Should I be Concerned?

Or should I go back to drinking bourbon and coke from my milkshake glass?

Maybe she has a spamalker?

Anybody played texas holdem' poker? I just earnt 5$ for my daughters piggy bank towards her university education which should be about $12,000 a year and counting in 2023 and promptly lost $10 of my own money. Good game. I recommend playing low stakes but high buy ins which makes the game more fun but less riding on them. You can get a few games in in the night and only face losing 5 dollars per game over the course. If you play higher stakes of say 10 dollars then people play more conservatively and the games drag out over hours and you end up with folks watching for an hour and a half with nothing to do. For example one game of 10 dollar buy ins would go for 2-3 hours whereas 5 dollar buyings might last an hour and a half and then you can rejoin.

A bit like betting on an Aussie Super 14 team. You lose your ten bucks and have to watch it go down the shitter for 80 minutes.

Seriously, next time NSW or the Reds rock up to Auckland or Christchurch go to the bank and raise a loan of 10 million dollars. You will make a guaranteed million dollars if the home odds are $1.10. In fact I don't know why banks don't bet on such games. It is a far quicker way of earning that amount of money rather than sending it to 19 different countries, 7 different arms dealers, 13 diamond smugglers and 14 separate chinese laundromats.


Here's ma alligator haters for round 4
Sydney Roosters 10 Brisbane 32 (11476) *pathetic. Couldn't have happened to a better team.
Souths 10 Bulldogs 34 (34315) ***** awesome (although many would be Bulldogs fans)
Newcastle 12 Melbourne 22 (20051) ****
North Queensland 25 Wests Tigers 24 (21879) *****
Parramatta 38 Canberra 6 Parramatta (10091) **
Penrith 22 Gold Coast Titans 24 (15022) ****
Manly 13 New Zealand 10 Brookvale (16418) *** considering they were unbeaten and playing a decent team they could have done a bit better.
Cronulla 40 Dragons 4 (19137) **** Way to go faggoty arse homos.

Warriors need to win this weekend to reconvince me of a top 4 spot otherwise I might need to re-evaluate things to a top 6 position.

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Oh and he be me picks for this weekend.

Panthers v Eels - Panthers
Titans v Broncos - Broncos
Dragons v Storm - Storm
Bulldogs v Sea Eagles - Bulldogs
Warriors v Cowboys - Warriors
Rabbitohs v Knights - Rabbitohs
Tigers v Sharks - Tigers
Raiders v Roosters - Raiders

few hard ones to call there. Rabbitohs and Knights have both lost their captains for the season. Raiders and Roosters could be an early guide to the wooden spooners.
Yeah I have played Texas Hold 'Em. Count me in if there is a game at your place and you need another player. I assume you are playing "real" games, not virtual internet ones?
Yep, it was real game. It's so bloody simple but the slightly more skilled player usually wins unless their opponent gets good cards to regularly.

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