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Friday, March 30, 2007

Tinnie madness 

So the police are cracking down on young brown people buying their tinnies in Otara ey.
Police wanting to show how they were harassing drug sellers in the south Auckland suburb of Otara did not have to go far – deals were being done just 800 metres from their station.

But what concerns me about this is the folllowing:
Police would inform employers of arrests, as they believed purchases were being made in work time by people whose job safety would be affected by the drugs, he said. "Some people are visiting tinnie houses during the day and are in company vehicles when making their purchases.

I can't but wonder if this is legal?

For a start isn't it the court's job to decide how offenders are punished and the severity of that punishment?

Is it any of the police's business when you're buying your tinnies?

What if they contacted your employers before you'd been through the courts surely that would be illegal if you hadn't been convicted if the crime?

If only the police responded as quickly to rape complaints against their own officers as they did against tinnie buyers - then you'd have 20 years to get away!

(And try proving it then)

Anyways, on to happier things.

Actually, no, we're not going anywhere happier.

The Tigers performance against the Sea Eagles last week was the worst I've ever seen in the NRL - how hard is it to catch the fucking ball?

They were truly shit, embarassingly shit - unfortunately I can't find a match report to link to that accurately describes just how terribly they played.

But I see the gambling community is just blaming it on the rain. (Whatever Millie)
The return of Nathan Hindmarsh should cure all of Parramatta’s woes. Well, Eels fans and his team mates will certainly be hoping so. They have been woeful over the first two rounds, and their current form has them primed to contend only for the wooden spoon. The Tigers, themselves, were no better last week, but an expected dry track this Friday night gives them a much greater chance to hold onto a little football. If any team is not suited to wet weather football, it’s the Tigers, and they played accordingly against Manly in round 2. I’m finding it an awful lot easier forgiving the Tigers of last weeks error riddled effort than I am of Parra for either of their early season performances, and on the small amount of form we have seen, I am surprised that such a pronounced favourite has been made here, and hence I am taking some of the plus.

Anyways, here's my pics for the weekend, and in all bar one game - I'm going with the away team.

Broncos - Panthers: Broncos
Eels - Tigers: Tigers
Dragons - Cowboys: Cowboys
Sharks - Rabbits: Rabbits
Storm - Warriors: Warriors
Bulldogs - Titans: Titans
Roosters - Sea Eagles: Sea Eagles
Raiders - Knights: Knights


I'm blaming my poor picking last week on the rain.

Broncos - Panthers: Broncos
Eels - Tigers: Eels
Dragons - Cowboys: Cowboys
Sharks - Rabbits: Rabbits
Storm - Warriors: Storm
Bulldogs - Titans: Bulldogs
Roosters - Sea Eagles: Sea Eagles
Raiders - Knights: Knights
Did anybody catch any of the tinnie house addresses?

I've got a few self addressed envelopes somewhere.

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