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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Breaking News... 

Nobody at can spell.
Ruapehu lahar alert activated
By | Sunday, 18 March 2007
BREAKING NEWS: Police are moving to close the Desert Road after alarms on Mr Ruapehu suggest the crater lake is close to overflowing.

Radio New Zealand reported that three electronic devies that meausre water levels at the summit have gone off a number of times this morning.

Omce weather clears helicopter will be sent up to monitor the situation and Civil Defence authorities have put a lahar emergency plan into action.

Scientists studying the crater lake say the warnings may have been set off by heavy rain, but the lake could be close to overflowing.
How many mistakes can you fit into 4 sentences?

Hmm, I can only surmise it was a junior journo' with the requisite NCEA English credits.

If the Corrections department can pin the blame on systems failures then so can I
C'mon Yamis; the story was obviously put out in a hurry.

That's the risk with Braking News...


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