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Friday, March 16, 2007

I have a solution for parents like this... 

It involves an axe, a shotgun and a flame thrower...

Mum threw toddler headfirst to the ground
An angry Timaru mother dropped her 18-month daughter to the footpath 10 or 11 times and then threw her headfirst to the ground, a court has been told. The mother, Maraea Puawai Gray, 31, pleaded guilty in the Timaru District Court yesterday to two counts of assaulting a child. She was remanded on bail to April 18 for sentence. Gray's children are in care while a report from a pediatrician is sought. Police said on October 3 last year the defendant was involved in a domestic dispute on Wai-Iti Road in Timaru. She had the girl with her. Police said Gray had her daughter by one arm and repeatedly lifted the child up to between her hip and shoulder and dropped her to the ground. Each time she landed on her side and screamed. Each time Gray's partner walked away the child was dropped again, the court was told. As the dispute continued Gray stood with the victim in her arms and then threw her head-first onto the footpath. The victim's chest hit the footpath and her body flew forward, causing her legs to fold up behind her. When the victim lay hurt on the footpath Gray turned away leaving the child screaming. The child was picked up by Gray's partner. Soon after Gray and her partner walked down Wai-Iti Road taking the victim with them. Gray was swearing at her partner. As they got to a roundabout Gray stopped and her partner walked on. Police said Gray sat on a fence and held the child at chest height and then threw her onto the pavement. The girl hit the ground and screamed. Gray sat back on the fence and made no attempt to console the girl. Her partner returned and picked up the girl. The victim was admitted to Timaru hospital but there were no outward signs of injury.
And then after I've murdered the mother I'll start with her partner.

Meanwhile another New Zealander is injured in action serving our great country...
"MAN DOWN: Heat took it's toll on the Guard of Honour at the Governor General's review of Fleet Divisions in Devonport".


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