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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Night Rugby, bangers, and dorks in the back room 

We have to put up with these matches at night we are told because they increase TV ratings, larger market, better time for Europeans etc etc yada yada.

But low and behold the test match versus England this weekend is being played at 4:30am Monday morning NZ time.

So effectively that eliminates the fans of one of the teams from watching live. It also eliminates all of the Australian market and on top of that it eliminates the Japanese market and all of Asia. And yes Asia do get all of the All Black tests live through Star Sports (they even have their own commentary in both Japan and China that I know of). The average Jozumi isn't going to be sitting up to watch the game at 1:30am on a Monday morning in Tokyo, you can bet your bottom dollar.

So basically the game has been especially put on for the European market without the faintest thought for anybody else.

Fuck night rugby in NZ. Make the Poms get up at 2:30am for once. Even better play our games on Monday afternoons and make them get up at 2:30am, 4 hours before the have to get up for work.

And on banning fireworks sales to the public. I have a compromise. Limit sales to 48 hours before Guy Fawkes day. So for example they would have gone on sale at midnight Thursday.

There will still be damage and mayhem but there will definately be less sold and it won't be panic spread over a week+, more like 3 or 4 days.

Might be worth a look at for a year or two to see how it goes.

At the moment you have kids buying them the week before, going bananas and blowing things up then making extra trips during the week to stock up before a last ditch buy up. If you have a short sale period people won't have the opportunity (they really aren't that organised) to buy anymore. The shop window of opportunity has closed.

And contrary to TV One's magnificent sports news tonight for shonky reporting, the Aussies LOST to the West Indies at the start of the tournament, not the other way round and how the hell did they work out that Great Britain need to lose their last two matches by a combined 21 points? If the Kiwis beat them by 14 (we will have a -3 differential and so will they) or more this weekend then their loss to Aussie could be by 1 point or 300 points, it will make no difference, they will be gone. Sometimes you have to wonder how many people they have putting this shit together and how long they have to think about it (ie. 30 seconds).


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