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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Not in my back paddock (NIMBAP) syndrome 

Who would have thought it, farmers complaining. This time about the prospect of 16 wind-powered turbines blocking their view of some nearby hills. You know, the view they have because earlier farmers deforested the land in the first place (and in so doing contributed to an increase in windspeeds). "The landscape has mana" they protest - and what a bleak, parched, treeless landscape it is. As I've mentioned previously on this blog, aerial views of this country's landuse reveal the sheer extent to which we are, to quote Russel Brown, "just a shitty little trading post at the bottom of the Pacific." A visitor in one of those UFOs Russell talks about would assume we exist to grow sheep and beef (and in a few areas pines). We didn't give a flying fuck when we deforested this country in the first place, so suck it up farmers, we need wind turbines. And yes, I am happy to have them "supplementing" my view. Rather a wind turbine than another treeless paddock.


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