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Monday, August 15, 2005

Less-United Future 

United Future MP Paul Adams has just quit UF and will contest the next election as an independent. (pssst, Paul it ain't going to make a difference mate)

Keepleft has just put out a pretty funny press release the best lines of which read:
As for Molesworth, we admit that their poll was our inspiration. But ours is better, and we’re taking it a step further. This week we’re introducing the ‘Poll of Poll of Polls’ - a rolling average of the rolling polls. We’re plugging the poll gap,” Paul said.
“If Molesworth or any other imitator tries to roll our rolling poll of rolling polls, we’re prepared to roll theirs,” George said.

A little dissapointing BIR didn't get an award in Keepleft's The Old-Skool-Mad-Dog Award for Original Abuse category or its random abuse category either - are our profanity riddled posts in vain?

Adams is a twat. Bought a car from his poxy yard in Albany once (broke down shortly thereafter) and he gave me a FREE video of the life and times of Jesus Christ.

You can imagine how excited I was.

Polar Bob.

(Currently listening to Danzig)
That's sooooo funny. I presume the car roared back into life after three days?
1 and a half (new radiator). : )

Before the resurrection I must say what an absolute BITCH it was driving all those nails in.

Polar Bob

(Currently listening to Gorillaz)

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