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Monday, August 15, 2005

Prepare Yourself for Blogging it Real's 2005 Completely Scientific, Issues that Count Poll 

This poll will be conducted in the flawless, classy style of the SST and results will be published some time this coming weekend.

Covering such issues as:
Recreational Drugs
Sexual Preferences and Behaviour
Moral Corruption of NZ Mass Media
Politicians Telling US how to live

And anything else we can possibly think of between now and the publishing time of our fabricated survey.

Topic submisssions and survey questions are welcome in the comments section below but we must warn you that we will filter out any that don't fit in with our desired results, or that won't make good bullshit headlines that appeal to OUR readers.

Survey participants will be carefully chosen to represent intelligent thinking in New Zealand and may or may not be entirely comprised of the BIR crew (but probably will be if we think that your survey responses disagree with what we are looking for).

Results will have a margin of error of zero. You better recognise.

No Right Turn had an interesting post on "liberal values", prompted in part by the crap efforts of the SST, on which I made a couple of comments.

Critical points: liberalism is not about "pushing your values on anyone else" but about the opposite - namely, freeing individuals to make their own decisions in matters affecting them. The state is properly a neutral guarantor of these rights ... and should not be in the business of using law to promote one view of the good life over others.

In light of this, the CUB and other legislation which McCully et al like to portray as "social engineering" is actually very moral.

What McCully, English, Dunne, & Destiny etc. are trying to tap into is an anti-liberalism in which some people want the law to be employed to validate their lifestyles, and fail to recognize, or criminalize, the choices of others.

Well, they can just bugger off.
As for the media, try and spot the real headlines amongst this bollocks (sample from our discussion forum):

Man hurt in fight on Saturday Night: Police believe violence was the cause

Lady buys milk from dairy

Rugby team with most points wins game

"P" problem widespread

Children failing to read and write

Third-grade rugby player hurts finger

Warriors to miss playoffs

Farmers complain about weather

All Blacks win crap game ... breathless media stumbles to find sufficiently impressive adjectives

NCEA is rubbish

Economy in tatters

Immigrants to blame for everything

Knights playing like Kingz

Businessman Convicted of fraud

10 year study shows junk food related to weight gain

Catholic Education Service Commends Lange's Legacy.

Peter's Claims Terror Fears Justified By Police.

Carless days planned
Can I suggest a section on Violence in the Media, including questions like:

Can you distinguish fantasy from reality?

Does it bother you that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas contains the programming for pixelated sex scenes (even though it can't be accessed unless you download a patch from the internet, and if little Jimmy can do that wihtout you knowing, then he can already download all the shit hot porn he wants)?

Then why the fuck did you buy an R-rated game for your child?

But seriously, wasn't that bit in Sin City where Bruce Willis rips the guy's nuts off awesome?
Actually, SIN CITY was kinda boring, actually.
Haven't seen sin city but couldn't agree more with your comments re vice city Josh.

Its fine to have your kids playing games where they kill cops and the public in general, steal cars, pick up hookers and generally cause fucking mayhem with an awesome array of weaponry but the second they can download a hidden sex scene - arrggghhhh moral panic.

Speaking of moral panic and hidden sex scenes Graham Capill is appealing his 9-yr sentence - I wonder if his defence will be it was consensual?
That reminds me -- for the sex section:

Should a 14-year-old who has sex with a 12-year-old:

A) Be treated like a child molestor and stuck in jail for 10 years?
B) Be given a slap and told to wait until you're both 16, you horny little bastard?
If (a) and (b) were the only options, I'd opt for (b) any day.
Josh I'm at your old school (which shall remain nameless for my own personal safety) for the next 6 weeks.

Good to see multiculturalism working just fine in the school system with dozens of different ethnic groups at the school.

Now if only the rest of society would get a life as well.
Cool - see if any of the teachers remember me...

And yes, "School X" was always fairly multicultural -- we were one of the first to get into wooing Asian students (and their large wads of cash) -- I can only assume it's got more so since I was there.
The number of foreign fee paying students as actually not too high. Probably because the school has eased the roll back slightly as it was pushing capacity a bit. And of course that means more locals and less import players.

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