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Monday, August 15, 2005

Run Rabbit Run 

This story was chopped from much of the SST main edition yesterday to make way for the David Lange obituary, but its intro alone demands it be read...perhaps before lunch.
It was his dark glasses and the scratches on New Zealander Brendan McMahon's face that landed him in an Australian jail facing bestiality and animal cruelty charges.
Police had staked out an inner-city Sydney lane over the past few weeks, seeking the person responsible for dumping skinned rabbits - and eventually found him after he paid for one rabbit with his credit card....On Thursday night, staff at Pets on Broadway, at the top of Sydney's George St, recognised McMahon from his description when he entered the store.
Manager Ingrid Clancy said McMahon "was wearing dark glasses and it was late night shopping and he had scratches down his face. When you work in the pet industry you know what animal scratches look like."

Sick puppy ey!
In other news a shit internet connection meant I couldn't post a full NRL Round 23 tipping competition blog on Friday but posted in the comments section of a blog below - here it is again:
NRL Round 23
Eels vs Bulldogs Both eels
storm vs warriors bennyasena warriors jessup storm
raiders vs rabbits both raiders
roosters vs sharks bennyasena roosters jessup sharks
tigers vs cowboys bennyasena cowboys jessup tigers
broncos vs dragons both broncos
knights vs eagles jessup knights bennyasena knights

So after 23 rounds the NZ Herald's league reporter Peter Jessup is on 79/145 and Bennyasena has regained the position so rightfully his: 80/145.


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