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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NRL - week 7 

This weekend shall be known as the weekend of the shit STORM.

Bulldogs v Broncos
Bulldogs by 8
After a renewed performance from the Dogs last week you'd think they might have woken up. But then again they followed up a 60 point win with a horrible effort so who the flup knows. At least one of these ordinary sides will get two points though.

Cowboys v Eels
Cowboys by 2
After the Eels get half their forward pack sinbinned for nothing they'll be in trouble. I don't know why I am tipping the Cowboys when they don't have Thurston and are up against a resurgent Eels but this comp has taught me to expect the ridiculous.

Panthers v Tigers
Panthers by 8
This Panthers side is in seriously good form at the moment. They aren't 2nd on the ladder for no reason. They should get a decent crowd and ride the wave to another good victory.

Sharks v Knights
Sharks by 4
Yeah I know, what the hell am I doing? But the Knights have fallen away from their good start, and, yeah, what the hell and I doing?

Raiders v Rabbitohs
Raiders by 6
After a couple of rank performances by the Raiders they will need to produce something or you can through them in the 2010 scrapheap. The Rabbitohs will keep it close the whole way but the home town heroes will prevail.

Dragons v Roosters
Dragons by 12
Since you can't hope for both teams to lose I'll just stare at the Roosters the whole game and enjoy them losing and forget about the other side.

Storm v Warriors
Storm to not get any comp points
Either way I must get this pick right. You cheating pricks.

Sea Eagles v Titans
Sea Eagles by 4
The birdies are flying high, playing the solid type of football you expect a Hasler coached team to produce. Given the Titans are always competitive this should be a hell of a match and another good one on a Monday night.

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