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Thursday, March 25, 2010

NRL - week 3 2010 

A classy 6 from 8 last week sees me on 11 from 16.

Onwards and upwards...

Tigers v Eels
Tigers by 2
Bit of a head cold here so hope these make sense. It's a bloody lottery anyway. This should be a real beaut to watch if you dislike defence and love beautiful footwork, passing and attacking. I ummed and ahhhhed for several seconds, maybe even like 20 or 30 which must be a record before deciding on the Tigers to have more motivation after a pathetic defensive effort last week.

Dragons v Cowboys
Dragons by 14
The Dragons are hot as hell right now and on home turf v a side that is a bit scratchy at the best of times and away from home they should have no chance.

Panthers v Storm
Storm by 6
The Storm have been absolutely shit with the ball in week 1 and 2 and will need to find a few points because the Panthers at home generally score some. But their defence saved their sorry asses last week and might do enough for them again.

Sea Eagles v Knights
Sea Eagles by 8
The Knights don't look like they'll roll over for anybody at the moment but the Sea Eagles are 0 for 2 and have their first game at home + Des Hasler is ripping dressing room doors off their hinges after 2 losses so I wouldn't want to see what he does after 3.

Titans v Raiders
Titans by 8
Neither team does it for me. The Titans might be 2 and 0 but they are seriously not that flash. Home against the Raiders though this should be a perfect 3 and 0 start.

Broncos v Warriors
Broncos by 14
The Warriors are about to get touched up. They were quite impressive last week but against a Broncos team with a point to prove they are going to get carved up.

Bulldogs v Roosters
Roosters by 6
This is a tight one to tip. The Dogs aren't in good knick at the moment but they've played two hot teams. Unfortunately they are about to play a third.

Sharks v Rabbitohs
Sharks by 2
The Sharks are tantalisingly close to breaking their losing streak. If they aren't going to break it at home v the Bunnies then they may as well go play in the Jersey Flegg for a year.

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