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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Real Men 

Try Harder.

If ever there was evidence of how Graham Henry and co. were soft cocks leading up to the Rest and Rotation World Cup where hard men were allowed to turn into powder puffs and we were forced into watching substandard (nearly as bad as the northernhemisphereclubrugby) it's tonight where Johnathon Thurston, Darius Boyd, Jason Nightgale and friends are tearing it up in the NRL.

I could be wildly drunk (I'm not, I paced myself this evening), but I seem to recall that they played A FUCKING TEST MATCH LAST NIGHT.

Imagine Ma'a Nonu playing a test v South Africa and the next night the NZRU say's sweet, play for the Hurricanes in an away game v the Blues. In fact, play 30 games this year as a starter. You'll be fine.

And you know what?

He will be.

Maybe they should check out how many games they play in NH rugby, or the NBA, or MLB, or the EPL or any other big professional comp.

I challenge anybody to say that they are under more mental pressure than somebody playing professional football for a big club in Europe. One minute you're playing a key EPL game then you're playing an FA Cup semi, then you're playing a champions league semi and yet week in and week out these guys put the goods out on the park.

I don't think our rugby players get worn out from PLAYING rugby, I think they get worn out from training.

Train half as much play twice as much.

You heard it here first.

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