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Friday, May 08, 2009

NRL Round 9 

Alrighty, after a two week hiatus (Seattle tourist internet facilities really need to be improved) Bennyasena is back with his round 9 tips.

I've thrown in the Kiwis into this round as $4.20 for the World Champions can't be sneezed at, despite the unusually awful flu I seem to have contracted after visiting that Alberta pig farm the other day.

It's an interesting round with so many players backing up for their clubs after the Test and red hot teams the Titans and Dragons outsiders - and the Roosters in seemingly good form and outsiders at home too.

Will Manly finally fire?

Tip 1:

Kiwis/Dragons/Titans/Manly/Roosters $10 = $1416

Tip 2:

Dragons/Titans/Manly/Roosters $10 = $337

Tip 3:

Manly +6.5
Roosters/Roosters $10 = $71

Tip 4:

Roosters 12 and under
Kiwis +10.5
$10 = $78

Tip 5:

Kiwis halftime fulltime
Roosters head to head
$10 = $150

Mine are here

I'm going Kangaroos by plenty, Cowboys over the Dragons, Knights over the Titans, broncos over the Sea Eagles and then on the day I am getting SKY installed the Storm over the Roosters (thankyou pay increase).
You’re getting SKY installed Yamis???

Well done; you’ll be able to follow the IPL now…
Not at the hours it's on most days. I heard the world cup might be on at more user friendly hours in England. There grounds don't have lights so I presume that's why they will play them early??

I need something to get me through winter. Last year I recall having piss all to do when it was pissing with rain in weekends and school holidays and it's not much of an option going out and about with a toddler.

SKY it is then...

I'll probably pay for it by not having to drive to my parents to watch all the time. Mind you,... there was the free beer and food there ....

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