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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NRL Week 7 picks 

Broncos v Eels
Broncos by 14
The Eels have had a fairly happy time of it up in Brisbane over the years but this side isn't playing well enough to threaten an upset here. The Broncos should be in control throughout.

Rabbitohs v Sharks
Rabbitohs by 8
Promises to be a bit of a borefest with the Bunnies off the boil and the Sharks dead in the water. Panic alarms will be hit out that way if this keeps up much lonnger. What a shame because Stuart is such a likeable bloke.

Cowboys v Sea Eagles
Cowboys by 4
The loss of the nutjob is a hammer blow to the Sea Eagles who had fed off his return to start playing footie again. They will still bring that into this game though so the game is on a knife edge and could come down to a few tight calls and the home team often seems to get a handup with those.

Roosters v Dragons
Dragons by 4
This will be interesting. The Roosters showed up to Mt Smart and played 40 minutes of football just like last year. They are going to develop a rep as a streaky team that goes well in patches and rubbish the rest of the time like the Bulldogs in recent years. Dragons to bounce back and pip them.

Storm v Warriors
Storm by 6
The Warriors will hold them for a lot of the game but get caught out by a piece or two of brilliance and some defence that clocks off.

Raiders v Bulldogs
Raiders by 8
This is hard to call. A team that usually plays well at home but this year is going OK away (Raiders) v a team that is going well but prone to folding when things don't go their way. Depends who is fastest out of the blocks and gets momentum and I think the Raiders might just spark.

Tigers v Knights
Tigers by 8
I have no confidence in this result whatsoever. The Knights knocked over the Dragons away last week and this Tigers side has gone WLWLLW with their key players seem to have trouble sparking two weeks in a row. Will be decided in the first half when one team shows it wants it more and the other concedes.

Panthers v Titans
Panthers by 6
The Panthers were horrible on defence last week and are playing a team that leads the comp but only has the 10th best attack averaging 18.7 points a game. This will be won with 3 or 4 tries by either team. The Titans have the best defence in the comp conceding just 12.3 points per match so the Panthers need to crack that tryline.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ID'd Again 

Tonight marked the 3rd consecutive time I've been ID'd in a row. And by three different women as well.

Am I seriously looking younger and younger? prior to that I don't recall being ID'd much in the previous 3-4 years. Maybe 3 or 4 times in total from 100 odd purchases (yeah, I drink a bit of booze, what are you a mormon?).

I have 12 day old stubble, maybe they reckon it's a ploy to look older. But if there's 17 year olds who can get themselves this close to a beard then I say let them buy booze.

For the record I turn 33 in a few weeks and turned 18 in 1994. Although of course I wasn't deemed old enough back then as the drinking age was 20. Sad times they were because when I was 19 I looked 17 ... and apparently I still do. I'll take it as a compliment, just an inconvenient one that shows that women my age and older don't have a freakin clue what a 17 year old male looks like.

I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they look at my ID, and ask me for some more as it must be fake. How can somebody who might be 17 actually be 33 afterall?

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Bums on Seats 

Quite literally that's what everybody was expecting to see at sports stadiums around Australasia and the rest of the world this year. Bums as in hobos. What with all the economic doom and gloom. Predictions were that crowd numbers would be rubbish at professional sports events but it certainly doesn't look that way. I guess for starters fuck all people have lost their job and secondly everybody else is either being paid the same as last year or more. Secondly people will sacrifice other things ahead of their weekly pleasures, ie their favourite sporting team, booze and a couple of dvds will remain while trips to the movies, pricey cars, and swanky restaurants are all out the door.

But a preliminary analysis suggests that there are still plenty of people wanting to go along and watch the footie provided the quality is up there.

In the NRl so far this year there have been 47 matches played. 828,830 spectators have attended and the average is 17,634. Last years average was 15,591 while the highest ever season average was set in 2005 with an average of 16,468. This years average will inevitably slide as winter sets in as well as a bit of fatigue with the novelty wearing off and also some sides will begin that slide down the ladder and a few will give up on them. But from my experience of following the crowd stats I would say that they are a good shot of breaking the alltime season record.

The Warriors have also seen a major turnaround in support. Last year they averaged 11,444 which was the second worst in the comp behind Penrith. This year they are averaging 20,083 after 4 home games which puts them second best behind the Broncos. Not bad for a side who are 3-3 for the season.

Turn your attention to the Super 14 and things are a bit more confusing.

Crowd figures are notoriously difficult to get ahold of in NZ and South Africa. The Aussies will happily publish them and are fascinated by them it seems as rugby, rugby league, afl and soccer all have a look see at who is getting folks to show up. It's a real competition in itself amongst fans of the various sports to see the attendances and tv ratings.

The NZRU is one of the only sporting organisations in the world that does not routinely release its crowd figures. There is a sports websites that publishes such figures for all professional sports comps around the world but the NZ rugby ones were missing so I emailed to ask why. The guy running it replied that he had tried to get the figures from them but they were arseholes about it and refused to supply them.

Me thinks they have something to hide.

Anyway, if you trawl hard enough you can often find them buried in writeups for games where journalists have managed to find out the figure or the commentators during the match have given a ball park figure which they have officially heard.

So from what I can gather thus far this year the NZ average crowd in the Super 14 is about 13,042. In Australia it is 19,791 (100% accurate) and in South Africa the figures are somewhat unreliable but for the 15 matches that are known its around 30,633. A rather massive difference from one country to the next. In general the South Africans get huge crowds for matches between their own teams and pretty pisspoor ones for watching their sides play the NZers or Aussies. yet another reason why they should separate from the Super 14. Nobody gets up to watch those matches from either country when they are on the other side of the earth. The TV ratings for a recent match played in the Republic in Australia were something like 1,900. I shit you not. That is One thousand and nine hundred people who watched a recent match between an Aussie side and a South African side on cable TV in Aussie.

Anyhow, that's how I passed the hour I had to kill before the Man U v Everton semi I'm about to watch... until I fall asleep.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bread and circuses 

So, this is what the country has come to. Media hacks frothing and literally falling over each other with yet another C-list celebrity criminal trial.

I never had an opinion about the guy before this incident. Didn't like or dislike him - simply couldn't give a toss either way.

But now the odious little twerp is mouthing off about how it wasn't really him wot dun it, and that he got his kicks from prying into his ex's life, he can go fuck himself as far as I'm concerned.


Friday, April 17, 2009

NRL week 6 

Bit more organised this week though not with too many hours to spare.

Panthers v Broncos
Broncos by 4
Am looking forward to watching this one. The Broncos are on the road for the second week in a row but are in good knick and the Panthers look like they aren't going to roll over for anyone. Broncos in a tight tussle.

Titans v Raiders
Titans by 6
The Titans mean business. Well until they lose a few to injury anyway. The Raiders meanwhile are winning on the road, this will be a bit more open than their Sharks match though and harder to pick because of that. I think I'll just favour the Titans at home to edge them.

Dragons v Knights
Dragons by 8
Now this match in the last couple of years wouldn't have inspired much interest but this year shapes as a good one. The Knights will rock up ready to take the white boot show ponies on but the Dragons have started the year well and won't want to balls this up.

Rabbitohs v Sea Eagles
Sea Eagles by 8
I would like nothing more than to see the Bunnies beat the birds but with Wesser out they will just lose enough to see them go down to a side that might now have started to get its tail (feathers?) up.

Warriors v Roosters
Warriors by 8
If the Warriors lose this they are staring down the barrel with away matches to Melbourne and St George in the next two weeks. Welcoming back Vatuvei and Price will help but the Roosters will want some playoff revenge so this could go to the wire. Have to favour the Warriors to have the ability to just dig deep enough.

Sharks v Cowboys
Sharks by 4
This match is in Adelaide so no home ground advantage as I'm sure people from South Australia hate both Queenslanders and New South Welshmen. Surely the Sharks will be desperate enough to grind it out over a side that just still hasn't seemed to improve from last season.

Eels v Bulldogs
Bulldogs by 4
One of those 80s clashes that sticks out for those following the game for a while. The Eels are pretty mediocre all over the park and the Bulldogs while not great have bought well and are in decent form. They'll get over the line against a valiant Eels outfit.

Tigers v Storm
Tigers by 10
I don't know why I am tipping the Tigers here but they are hit and miss and they missed last week. Farah and Marshall blamed themselves for the loss last week and I'm sure they've done that before this year so will probably not want to be singling themselves out all the time so maybe they'll spark something.

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NRL Round 6 

Tip 1:

$10 = 193

Tip 2:

Brisbane -4.5, Gold Coast -8.5 Dragons -6.5,
$10 = $70

Tip 3:

$10 = $29.4

Tip 4:

$10 = $60

Tip 5:

Titans 13+
Sharks +4.5
$10 = $177

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last Weeks NRL picks - week 5 

Was a tad busy and didn't have time to post them here but they were up at sportsfreak if you don't believe me. I've added comments to see how accurate I was.

Roosters vs Broncos
Broncos by 2
If this game was played last week you'd be all over the Broncos but after a handy win to the Roosters and the Broncos crashing at home it's a bit more in the balance. I think the Roosters may surprise but I'm just tilting the other way.

(Broncos by 4) In the end the Broncos did it fairly comfortably save for the last ten minutes when they went to sleep to make it fairly close on the scoreboard.

Eels vs Dragons
Dragons by 8
The Dragons are on a roll and the Eels are going to be a bottom four side this year. It is make or break time for them to prove otherwise, but I don't think it will happen in this one.

(Dragons by 14) Yep, about right though the Dragons walked over them more than thought.

Sharks vs Raiders
Sharks by 6
It really is great to see a side that plays negative, defence oriented football losing early on. It doesn't win you premierships (usually because you get blown out of the water before getting a title shot). But they are surely going to get over the line here... somehow.

(Raiders by 10) Jeez, the Sharks really have lost their confidence. I suppose it must be demoralising to have one game plan and know in advance that it ain't going to win the title or even get very close so they are probably wondering why they are even showing up to play footie.

Storm vs Panthers
Storm by 12
The Storm rolled at home by the Titans?! I saw it but couldn't believe it. They played their usual up the guts style but for some reason they weren't getting the results and the Titans clicked with their attacking raids. The Panthers were hot to trot and have back to back wins but surely both teams can't keep repeating....”

(Storm by 2) The Storm just aren't the side they have been in past seasons but they got a tight one done and the Panthers are probably starting to convince a few people that they won't be sucking on the wooden spoon.

Cowboys vs Titans
Cowboys by 10
This shapes as an interesting clash. Titans are healthy and proving they can win difficult road games. The Cowboys on the other hand are a side that can put you to bed when in the mood. The Titans might be a bit complacent after last week and have the night off.

(Titans by 4) As long as the Titans stay injury free they look alright and this is an impressive result.

Knights vs Warriors
Knights by 14
The Knights should run amok. The Warriors will welcome somebody, anybody back from injury but it won't be enough to knock over these guys at home.

(Knights by 2) Looked like I would be bang on here at one point but to give this Warriors side credit they are understrength and in years gone by they would have given up and lost by 40, but they rolled the sleeves up and gave themselves a shot.

Sea Eagles vs Tigers
Sea Eagles by 8
It ends here, now.

(Sea Eagles by 13) It ended alright. Stewart scoring 3 would have made everybody feel a bit uncomfortable, including many Sea Eagles fans who probably still think the guys a dickhead.

Bulldogs vs Rabbitohs
Bulldogs by 2
The Rabbits have a very solid attacking unit and their defense was incredibly organised and committed last week. The Bulldogs on the otherhand will throw up any old sort of effort so this is one of those 50/50 calls and I think they'll scrape home by a late try.

(Bulldogs by 2) Snap!!!

6 from 8. That's solid as fuck in this comp. I'll take it and move through to 60% for the season.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Romanian Rugby 

Forget all these new rules and running rugby. The Romanians know how to keep rugby close to its true roots.


Friday, April 10, 2009

NRL Round 5 

NRL Round 5

Tip 1

Broncos/Dragons/Raiders/Storm/Warriors/Bulldogs/Sea Eagles/Titans
$10 = $616

Tip 2

Sea Eagles/Sea Eagles
$10 @ $50.2

Tip 3

Titans +3.5
Warriors +3.5
$10 @ $53

Tip 4

Raiders Raiders half time fulltime
Manly/Manly half time fullfime
$10 @ $53

Tip 5

Warriors +3.5
Titans +3.5
$10 @ $88

Season to date = -$200.

Will Round 5 be my resurrection?

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kia Kaha Helen, Good Luck in New York 

I admire her for knowing when to go, and doing so with a great deal of grace and dignity. And for acknowledging all the people who helped her along the way.

"Close personal support for me as Prime Minister came from my private office and the talented teams led by Heather Simpson and Alec McLean; and to this day comes from my parliamentary staff, Jacque Bernstein and Dinah Okeby as it has always come from generations of personal secretaries, researchers, press secretaries, messengers, diary secretaries, typists, and receptionists in the past.

Personal protection came from the Diplomatic Protection Squad of the New Zealand Police who stayed very close to me for the whole nine years. To DPS and the New Zealand Police across our country, thank you for your support. You are New Zealand's unsung heroes and deserve much greater recognition for what you do to protect us all.

Over the 22 years since I first became a Minister of the Crown, I have been not just driven but fully looked after and supported by the government drivers in the VIP service of the Department of Internal Affairs. I have come to know many well, and they are my friends. As a former Prime Minister, I am privileged to continue using their service, so today marks not an end, but an interlude. As General McArthur once famously said, "I will return.""


Friday, April 03, 2009

NRL Round 4 

I'm getting a great feeling with this season - mimicking the Phar Lap theme I started the season with - I am no 0 from 3! Just like he was race wise....then he won 32 of his last 35 races!

So get out your wallets the season is about to begin.

This week's five time $10 multis:

Bet one:

Broncos/Eels/Storm/Tigers/Warriors/Bulldogs/Sea Eagles/Cowboys
$10 = $290

Bet two:

Tigers/Tigers halftime fulltime
Dragons + 5.5
$10 = $50

Bet three:

Titans +13.5
$10 = $44.20

Bet four

Titans +13.5
Sharks +4.5
$10 = $35

Bet five

Titans +13.5
Bulldogs/Sharks draw at halftime or fulltime
$10 = $159

Basin Preview: Chuck Z in Absentia 

It is very bright here today. Perfect still sunny morning - Welly putting on an unbeatable 'good day'. The wind will be the warmer northerly when it gets up, there is no rain on the radar for the duration.

Enjoy possibly the last match where Jesse 'The Body' Ryder is a delightful revelation rather than the man carrying our hopes. Assuming he does well again we (being kiwi sports fans) will start to expect it always of him and criticise him when he doesn't always make the grade. Honeymoon over sort of thing.

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The best prank 


The NZ Herald and The Onion's editorial teams have seemingly swapped publications for the month of April!

Leading to hard hitting stories in our national rag of record such as this:
A cricket ball that gave a motorist mother a nasty fright on an Auckland motorway has prompted a hasty meeting between a high school and the department that runs New Zealand's roads.

The woman was driving her children on Auckland's Northern Motorway on Saturday when a particularly well-struck cricket ball from nearby Westlake Boys' High School bounced on to the road and hit her car.

The ball did not shatter the windscreen but mother and children were left in some distress, Westlake headmaster Craig Monaghan told the Herald.

Any thoughts on what these cunning satirical bastards will come up with tomorrow?

Lady spills latte on lap

Politician spooked by own shadow, caucus

Newspaper stops production due to lack of credible news

Thursday, April 02, 2009

NRL Week 4 picks 

Broncos v Dragons
Broncos by 10
In the form the horsies are in this is a no brainer. But then, stranger things have happened and Wayne bennett is coming home.

Roosters v Eels
Roosters by 6
Both teams are going to be making up the numbers this year. At least we'll no that there's no Roosters playing hungover though.

Panthers v Tigers
Panthers by8
Going with the home ground factor here. The Panthers were ordinary last week and I enjoy watching the Tigers play but it's just going to be another one of those topsy turvy displays, good one week, average the next.

Storm v Titans
Storm by 12
Too many guns v a team that will struggle to muscle up.

Warriors v Rabbitohs
Rabbitohs by 6
I know, I know, I was going to pick the Warriors to win at home all year, but hell, not with their reserve grade team. Plus I figure if I pick against them they may do a Baby Blacks for me.

Bulldogs v Sharks
Bulldogs by 8
They must be extremely fucked off at Bulldog HQ (a common feeling at the club for several years no doubt) and that should catalyse something. Anything.

Knights v Sea Eagles
Sea Eagles by 10
Surely they must be ready to explode rather than implode. I'm sure we have all enjoyed it while it lasted but Hasler will go ballistic if they drop this.

Raiders v Cowboys
Raiders by 13
The Cowboys crapped out again last week in one of those stand up and be counted matches and here they are on the road. Sides typically don't do so well after coming up against one of the top sides because it's taken a fair bit out of them so I expect a road trip to Canberra to be a bit of a slap in the face and the Cowboys to get sodomised by the Pirates.

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