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Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Red Terror 

In the 1920s an awkward, gangly, wart-ridden New Zealand foal arrived in Australia to the dismay of the man who had bought him based solely on pedigree.

But given a little time, the right training, and a lot of heart, the ungainly foal went on to turn a depression on its head for many a hard-up punter.

He gave people down on their luck a reason to look up again, he repaid the unemployed and struggling with enough courage to lay their last farthing on him with a bookie, many many times over.

He gave punters hope.

Within years that Kiwi runt was a national hero known alternatively The Red Terror, Big Red and officially Phar Lap.

In 2009, the world finds itself in a similar position - the repugnant behaviour of the world's wealthiest individuals and its unchecked financial systems has hit the little man hardest again.

While the the little man's house gets repossesed the Madoffs of our world sit pretty in their million dollar apartments.

While the world's biggest companies get billions in tax payer bailouts and their chief executives' salaries rocket the little man is told he has to work fewer hours to save his mates' jobs.


Its time for people to seize their destiny back, to stop swallowing the stinking shit of big business, to take on the very system that fucks them over, and emerge defiantly waving their middle finger in the face of the Man.

Bloggingitreal brings to you NRL 2009 - tipping.

For the coming 30 rounds of the NRL 2009 Season I will be placing
5 x $10 multibets with the New Zealand TAB; week in and week out.

The rules:
Other than that, there are no rules (unless I think of some more good ones) I can tip first point scorers, margins, first scoring plays, head to head, unders and overs, last scoring play - whatever.

Some matches I will just tip, on others I will provide detailed analysis and rational for my bets.

I will analyze the tips of professional punters at onthepunt, monitor the experts' tips and rugby league journalism at in order to bring you the inside word.

So open those TAB accounts, raid the coin jars and ashtrays, and get ready to feel good about life again!

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Nice work. I'll be adding my two cents worth each week as well, though don't admit to studying the options outside of head to head so I'll stick well and truly there.

I think my golden rule this year will be to pick the Warriors EVERY week at home and a good chunk away when fielding close to their strongest teams.

I'm picking a top 4 finish and then it comes down to who's hitting their straps at the right time.

I'm also tipping myself to reign supreme in the head to head picks in the blogosphere.

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