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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Positive press 

Consider the following stories from today's papers, and then consider how they would be reported if we still had a Labour-led government. I'll colour code the alternate headlines for the purpose of emphasis.

Today's story 1:

Boy-racer law ready in six months
The Government is looking at law changes to create a new boy racer-related offence and will give police powers to take cars off repeat offenders. ...

Mr Key said it would take four to six weeks to draft legislation, which could pass within six months.

"We are not going to put up with what we saw in Christchurch."

Alternate headline in event of Labour-led government:

Relief for besieged communities half a year away

Today's story 2:

PM runs bank 'health check'

The prime minister has taken the extraordinary step of seeking personal assurances from the big four Australian-owned banks that they are healthy and will be fair to consumers.

John Key revealed yesterday that he met the head of ANZ-National on Thursday in the Beehive and visited Westpac, ASB and BNZ in Auckland on Friday.

Alternate headline in event of Labour-led government:

Government intervenes, but powerless to act in event of bank failure

Today's story 3:

Key rules out big rise in minimum wage

A hefty rise in the minimum wage is being ruled out as the recession bites.

Prime Minister John Key confirmed yesterday that the Government would consider a Labour Department paper next week, canvassing options including linking future rises to inflation. But with businesses struggling through a severe downturn, the Government is under pressure to keep a lid on wage costs.

Alternate headline in event of Labour-led government:

Inflation-indexed increase will send thousands to dole queue

Today's story 4:

Cabinet crew to join boss on return to Te Tii

Former prime minister Helen Clark steered clear of Te Tii after her entourage was jostled by protesters in 2004, and preferred to attend the official Waitangi commemorations.

Mr Key is returning to Te Tii after going there as Opposition leader last year. He said yesterday that it had always been his intention to return as prime minister.

Alternate headline in event of Labour-led government:

Labour plucks up courage in face of more Maori threats

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