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Saturday, November 01, 2008

The big boys 



The Clark government has, on the whole, been a good one.

Note the past tense.

They got elected on the back of a Winston infested crumbling and corrupt government and that's the way they're going to go out.

For all the faults in the US constitution they have that good rule that you can't go for a 3rd term. Power corrupts etc. And this latest term has proved that, in the way that the last Gin-soaked years of Muldoon price and wage freezes and the last decaying years of the Shipley-Kopu Alliance proved that.

The Clark administration was built on competence and integrity, and rightly so. Benson-Pope was dumped, drink drivers were put out in the recycling bin. At last we had standards.

But the venal apologetic way Winston has been dealt with (yes Winston) has generated a cloud over what was the biggest selling point.

And the way the beat-up over Key's (successful) past this week is probably the final straw.

He was in banking in the 80s; some bankers in the 80s committed crimes. That's right; therefore all Maori MPs are gang members and drug dealers.

And then there is Cullen. The worst Tory finance minister this country has ever had (Muldoon was a socialist).

Smug Pommie shit who wasted the Golden years.

On the positive side, Clayton Cosgrove answered our questionaire.


Good points; they're fresh. Well, almost fresh. And in John Key they have the only leader who wasn't around last time. And the way he stumbles over a sentence is a bit endearing.

They have Chris Finlayson; by a mile the best MP in the house.

And the haven't been in government for a while.

Bad points: All the 90s brigade. Lockwood small-hands Smith, McCully who won't answer our sporting questionairre, English, and Tony Ryall.

And the fact that Peter Dunne has lumped his support in with them doesn't look good.

The way Key stumbles over a sentence is a bit embarrassing.

Tony Ryall.

They are probably the best of a bad bunch.

That doesn't mean I'll vote for them though.

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National don't stand for anything. Well unless it's what they stood for in the 90s which is what they were voted out for.

They're an empty shell that criticizes Labour and then waters down their work when they realise it's quite popular.

Nothing but Labour Lite.
Correct Yam,

But they have the advantage of not being in power for 9 years.

Basically, Lab and Nat are almost the same in terms of policy, but it's the sideshows like the Winston stuff and the attempted hatchet job on Key that show that Lab are now tired and getting bent.

That's my view on Saturday. Still 7 days to go.

BTW, in utopia, it should be a Grand Coalition.
Thank you LB for making a very good point. Governments have lifespans. Both in their ability to govern uncorrupted and in enjoying the goodwill of the people.

Looking beyond a three year term to the longer-term, it is definitely in the best interests of the electorate that all big parties have governing experience. We need to change the governing party every now and then.

Former Governing parties also make for much better Oppositions, whose job it is to hold governments accountable. The system wins when governments change.

Like you said: that doesn't mean I'll vote for them though.
And can I also refer readers to the banner top of page. Right wing assholes have a dangerous tendency to act the part. You have been warned.
The lifespan thing is important.

It's the one thing the US has got right.

Find me a government anywhere in the world that has improved in its 4th term.
The 8 year thing in the US is for the president though LB. The Democrats or Republicans could be the dominant power for 40 years. There's nothing stopping that.

I happen to think 4 years is too long for a presidential term in the US. If somebody is good they'll get back in and if they suck they can go out on their ear having done less damage.

Having just listened to the leaders debate it was depressingly more of the same crap that we've been hearing for what seems like a year (longer on some issues).

National is sounding more and more like they are the centre left party with each policy announcement which makes me wonder more and more about what it is that they actually stand for.

Why didn't John Key just hook up with the Labour Party back in the day?
I'm still wavering Y.

On one hand I like Key's more centrist approach. Like Labour yet less tired.

On the other hand at least I knew what Brash stood for. If only he hadn't played the race card.

I just wish Labour hadn't run such a dirty campaign. And I'm still not getting over the H-Bomb thing.

Perhaps the Bill and Ben party is the answer.

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