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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Turn'd wild in nature, broke their stalls, flung out 

Somewhat predictably, the USD700 billion corporate raid on public accounts is insufficient to prop up US capitalism.

Yet, the DomPost declares that our "Prime-Minister-in-waiting" remains "upbeat". Well, thank Christ for that. Actually, if I was polling 52% this close to an election, on the back of not much effort, and with a shadow Cabinet full of scary 90s neoliberals and that horrid Collins woman, I'd be pretty fucking upbeat too. No matter how hard Michael Cullen (personally responsible for the current worldwide downturn, in its entirety, suggests the New Zealand Herald), "rains on my parade."


It will be interesting to see how the financial meltdown plays out during the Canadian federal election, Oct 14th. Live drunken blogging right here if anyone's interested.

Meanwhile, a bad week for our resident comments man. And I'm not just talking about his share portfolio. First his beloved Storm are given a sound thrashing in the Grand Final, then a certain Southland Mayor claims to have banged his favourite MP!

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that'd have to be LB ... right?
Tim Shadbolt banged Leg Break?!
It’s been a grim week all round.

Wellington Lions lost to a side who were no better than Auckland. Spurs lost at home to a side from a bleak rugby league team and stay bottom, Storm “B” got nailed in the final

And the Shadbolt story is worrying yet in no way surprising. Those Kedgley girls were pretty out there. She won’t have remembered a thing.
Just to cheer you up the BC's put on a comedy show at the top of the order.
Black Caps are just trying to set up a contest for the bowlers, nothing to worry about, all according to plan, no problems at all, easy win, game of two halves, oh dear sniff of victory, nothing to worry about, 'nother smoke, she'll be right, jesus christ 201/9.
Comedy show?

High farce.

Nice optimism CZ
You know, I was just trying to get my head around Shadbolt having sex, and then I tried to put Kedgley into the picture and my internal OS shutdown.

Dammit, some things just aren't meant to be thought of.

- Polar Bob.
In her day Sue Kedgley would have been a scorcher! Enough to distract a guy from the cricket, almost.

Believe me, in her day, Kedgley was a scorcher. And her sister.

They went through a nudist / bra-burning period too.

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