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Sunday, August 31, 2008

PC world frikkin awesome 

A slightly belated response to rugby thug, Brian Lochore.

But first, what's with the National Star-Times today? "Labour to Glenn: Help us Again!" Wow, both a rhyme and an exclamation mark in the lead story on-line - sure makes Labour seem desperate. The sum total of reporting in the story: Mike Williams met briefly with Glenn in France. No new donation was forthcoming. Wow. Interestingly, one of the most insightful takes on Owen Glenn's in today's papers from none other than Coddington:
Just six months ago Glenn was uttering bizarre words about Labour's behaviour. He gave half a million dollars to the party, he said, to even the score over the Exclusive Brethren, but that didn't check out because his donation was made long before the 2005 election.

He also said Clark offered him a Cabinet post but no one believed that one. Clark's no fool and Labour allocates its portfolios by vote.

Then Glenn told the New Zealand Herald he was in line to be consul general of Monaco (when that position wasn't due), and don't forget the mystery about Glenn offering Sir Howard Morrison $1 million to stand for Parliament.

Why give this man credibility over Peters? He's become the Exclusive Brethren of this year's election.
I don't by any means think Glenn's actively malevolent, but he sure is eccentric and unreliable.

Then, "'Labour's finished' - Harawira". Err, Ok. First of all, Harawira is a big mouth fuckwit who likes to say controversial things. He should not be indulged in this by the media. Second, Parti Maori would be electoral poison for National if they actually continued to represent a Maori nationalist/separatist perspective. As they would for Labour, come to think of it. The alternative is that they become conservative, brown-skinned blue-bloods, and are crucified by their own supporters at the following election, a la NZ First's Maori MPs in 1999.

Now, on to this new PC world so bemoaned by some old guy who apparently coached the All Blacks once. I for one think many of the developments he so bewails are great.

- Society turning fathers into "male mothers" obsessed with safety instead of adventure, such that you're not supposed to take them on the back of motorbikes or horses. Well, leaving aside the fact that children probably still enjoy riding horses as much as they ever did, and that horseback riding is good exercise and actually encouraged for disabled kids, I take this to mean: "Fathers are now encouraged to think about their children's safety, and not recklessly endanger them." To which I say: good.

- He used to be able to go drinking while his children were left either (a) playing in the mud; or (b) in the back of the car. Presumably after one of these hilarious rugby parties, for the duration of which his kids were left unattended and with little to do, he drove home drunk. Nice one. I for one am glad that society now discourages parents from leaving their kids in order to drink piss with their buddies. It's called being a good, responsible parent.

- No one respects authority anymore, there's always someone protesting. Leaving aside the complete lack of connection between these two assertions, I suspect he's mistaken on the first count (some kids always gave their teachers and/or parents shit, and some still do), and I think the right to protest is one of the most important and valuable rights in a democracy. Presumably he actually supports the right to protest when it's exercised by his right-wing, pro-child-smacking mates.

- Adults are no longer allowed to dish out random violence against their children, and other people's children. Really ... enough said.

- " You as a father, with the aid of your partner - I can't say 'wife' these days, PC. You are the one who sets the ground rules." Well you can certainly say 'wife' if it applies, but partner is a pretty useful term too. I sense a certain implied patriarchy here, in which the father is the primary rule setter, and the 'wife' backs him up. (i.e., "It's the star of the show Wayne! And with him as always is Garth.") I actually value equality in parenting.

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Richard Boock absolutely lays into Lochore as well. He should lose his fucken knighthood for that crap. I don't care what he did. That talk of nonsense to impressionable men (they must be because they've already been brainwashed) is very damaging.

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