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Monday, August 25, 2008

Another National Pratfall 

One of National's challenges over the last few months is that its official spokespeople keep revealing its true intentions, which are very much in the mould of the "nasty 90s National Party", rather than the "Labour Lite with a throw back to Think Big" vision articulated by Mssrs Key and English.

Yesterday, neo-liberal rightist Maurice Williamson announces tolls of $10/day for significant new roads (which an ingenious journalist surmises is indeed $50/working week) ... only to be cut down today by neo-conservative rightist and long-time foe Bill English who pulls the much lower, barely headline-worthy figure of $20 out of his southern ass.

Keep at it guys, you've clearly learned a lot since you last banged heads.

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Just look at that tired shadow front bench - nineties all over, all right.

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