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Monday, July 28, 2008

New Zealand's Emerging players 

NZs Emerging Players squad just won a quadrangular (not allowed to say four-way anymore) tournament in Australia. Being curious as to how our next layer of talent performed I hit the information super-highway in search of some stats. I didn't find any so I've calculated them myself and now present them to you, our loyal readership, for your idle once-over.

This tournament was significant for the return to international action of two much-missed Black Caps, Jesse Ryder and James Franklin. Ryder captained the side, opened the batting and was an extremely useful bowler. Franklin apparently had a successful return but I haven't focussed on the bowling here.

The averages (no strike rates available where I looked):

Ryder - 19.7 from his returns of 27, 4, 31, 20, 0 and 36

Watling - 20.2 from his 3, 35, 21, 19, 23, and 40*

Guptil - 40 from his 8, 26, 112, 65, 4, 24 and 41

Ingram - 28.2 from his 30*, 11, 29, 27, 17 and 27

Broom (the only incumbent) - 31.8 from a return of 0, 23, 7, 94, 5 and 62

Hay - 23.2 from his 3, 21, 44, 43 and 5

Corey Anderson, batting 7, averaged 43 (3 not outs) in his 18*, 73, 24*, 1, 52* o and 4


Guptill made some decent runs for Auckland last year if I'm not mistaking him for some other domestic cricketer I barely know.

Could somebody ask him if likes Pakistani food?
Aye, there's the rub Yamis, "if I'm not mistaking him for some other domestic cricketer I barely know". Buggered if I can tell them apart either. Another one, not Guptil, has a List A and First class average over 40. All the top six were given winter contracts I think. Bona fide 'cusp' players.

About Pakistan, I say grow some fucken balls and go. No Pakistani terrorists have ever attacked or endangered a foreign cricketer, so why would they start now?
"Broom (the only incumbent) "

Broom being the only player left over from the last Emerging Players XI. Pardon the delay in responding LB, I was just reviewing this to see if any predictions bore fruit, now that Guptill's posted the second highest ODI score for a debutant and is averaging 60 odd after seven matches and all.

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