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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

There's a lot rolled into this one. 

I’m heading to New York in a few minutes.

But before I enter that mad mad country, one where Christian morals are the only way into the army and yet it is just so very easy to pull a train with three waitresses in any given bar, let’s talk about Senator Dithers latest fuck up.

Word leaked that while Washington goes on and on about Iran being the pinnacle of the axis of evil, trade has increased ten-fold under the Bush administration.

Despite a soft embargo against Iran, Washington has made exceptions in “agricultural products and medicine…to a segment of the population that we want to reach out to, we want to work with them to integrate them into the world economy and become partners in the future.”

So of course this means increasing exports in cigarettes, bras, fur clothing, perfume and military apparel. I’m really straining to find a way of fitting military apparel and cigarettes into food and medicine.

But for McCain, it makes good sense why cigarettes are going to Iran. “It’s one way to kill them,” he says.

Then in the same breath he boasts of his 28-year personal smoking embargo, unlike Obama who has only been off the cancer sticks for a little more than a year.

There is a lot rolled into this one.

1) Why is the U.S. exporting such things to Iran?
2) Why is McCain allowed to walk around freely in the streets while joking about the deaths of Iranians?
3) How in fuck’s name can supporters of the G.O.P. stand to allow this tool as a presidential candidate? And on the same note, why, American public, is there not outrage in the streets over the smart-mouthed, stupid-ass comments this man makes on a weekly basis?

This is what we’re up against.

He kinda looks like Bob Ball-Scratcher Clarkson.

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